Sunday, 16 October 2011

An American Vacation - Part the Second

Day Two of our Catskill holiday (vacation to the Americans) dawned and the view from our B&B across the valley to the mountain was just amazing.  If you click on the photo to see the larger version, you will see that the white splodge near the top right is in fact a house!

We took a walk in the woods where I spotted this old tree. One could almost swear that woodpeckers abound! Birdlife is far greater than what we are used to in the UK, but we have become very unused to spotting them.

Walking on beyond this tree brought us to the top of the Catskill falls, with beutiful views across the valleys. At this stage the river was little more than a healthy little stream...... you can see from this view looking back up into the hills from whence it came.

We took a trip down the mountain along a route known as the Devil's Kitchen ( no idea why) but it was just the kind of road I love driving - narrow, winding, with steep rise on one side and breathtaking drop on the other. Many rivulets, stream and waterfalls along the way too. bit I wont bore you with those.

Also along the way was this old falling-to-bits wooden building. Strange how many unkempt and dilapidated buildings we did find.

But just to prove that they aren't all like that, here is one that typifies the area.

Our hosts at the B&B told us that just a week or so ago, they had a brown bear wondering along the river at the bottom of the gully below their house, but although I have searched hard, I have not managed to see any. We did see deer on 2 seperate occassions, a multitude of sqirrels and a few of these delightful creatures - chipmunks, whose cries can drive one crazy if they carry on long enough!

I couldnt resist this one. A T-shirt in a shop window that just says it all!

That's all folks! Stay well.

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